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Matrix Avionics Announces:

Fly a New Approach -
Digital Avionics for Today's Pilot. 

We bring today's technology to your radio stack.

 Matrix Avionics - Fly a New Approach

The all-new, all-digital Matrix1 Nav/Com Radio

Matrix Avionics has decided to suspend work on the Matrix1 Nav/Com Radio due to the overwhelming expense of TSO Certification. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate the support and interest we have received on our product.

Direct plug-in replacement for:

King, Cessna, and Narco Radios

Fly a New Approach -
With the Latest in VHF Navigation and Communication Radios

  • All the Functionality of Dual NavCom’s in a Single Unit
  • Four-Channel Com and Two-Channel Nav
  • Do Everything with Knobs & Buttons or Touchscreen for Faster Operation
  • Drives King or Narco Panel Mount CDI/LOC/GS Indicators
  • On-Screen CDI/LOC/GS Indicators as Backup to Panel
  • Modern Full-Digital Technology for Future Upgrades
  • Superior Clarity, Flexibility, and Reliability
  • Easy Installation for Common Legacy Radios
  • Modern Operation and Appearance for your Radio Stack
  • For Certificated and Experimental Aircraft

All at a lower cost than repairing your old radio!